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CMT is a modern production company manufacturing high quality tools for 50 years.

The head office is located in Chiusa di Ginestreto, in an industrial park between Pesaro and Urbino. Two generations of the Tommassini family have worked and invested resources to propose quality products to all industries and craft trades in the wood sector. With global distribution in over 90 countries, CMT's main goal remains unchanged: nothing but high quality tools and continuously improving the value for money aspect of its products. The CMT Orange Tools™ trademark is ever ranked among the global wood working companies as a guarantee of quality.

Cutters CMT

The CMT trademark is made up of a wide range of products: circular blades, jigsaw blades, routing bits, chucks and cutters for CNC machines, drill bits, hole saws, accessories, etc.

CMT combines high-tech and a research and test centre fully focused on the creation of new profiles and the execution of exceptional products. All the CMT products are made of very high strength special steel and the company has gained international renown thanks to the quality of its cutters and twist drills.

CMT quality

The CMT factory was recently revamped ensuring a high-tech environment for its personnel at work. CMT continues to produce cutters and twist drills in its factory with the same skills and the same attention as from the outset.



TERSA has specialised for over 30 years in the manufacture of wood planing solutions boasting world-acclaimed quality.

TERSA knives

TERSA invented the quick and simple planing knives with a centrifugal force clamping system. Specially manufactured for the reversible blades of the brand, this system is self-locking and the knives are automatically adjusted. The TERSA tool allows for quick and easy knife changes.

Opting for TERSA's original reversible knives ensures an excellent cutting edge and optimum life cycle. TERSA places strong emphasis on the quality of the quenching and grinding. These two phases are of prime importance when manufacturing high quality knives. This is also why TERSA has developed a special process for this key production stage.

If your TERSA knife becomes less sharp: A simple tap on the gib wedge and the knife is unlocked. Just slide it along the tool and insert a new knife into the slit (or turn over the reversible knife if the other cutting edge is still sharp). As the system clamps automatically, no specific adjustment is required.

The TERSA range is made up of 6 different types of reversible knives designed for you to plane all types of wood species.TERSA cutter heads



RRALI is a Swiss trademark specialising in the design and manufacture of chisels, planes, vices and other woodworking accessories.

RALI planes

The RALI planes guarantee you accurate, consistent results thanks to being made from steel plate stamping. With its blade holder mounted on the plane which slides and is only moved along the depth axis, the RALI plane is designed for the blade to be always parallel. This tool has many other advantages: improved sharpness thanks to the bi-cutting and reversible blades, a lever for instant depth adjustment for greater facility and time saving with precutting and finish work performed without changing the blade as well as an optimum grip via ergonomic handles.

RALI chisels

The RALI brand is also well known for its chisels with interchangeable blade. Available in 9 different sizes (10 to 40mm), the blades are changed in mere seconds and easily resharpened.



Tormek undertakes to provide the best sharpening solutions for all types of cutting tools. Firmly rooted in Swedish tradition and acknowledged for its innovation, functionality and quality, Tormek has developed a unique sharpening system defining the new modern grinding standard for cutting tools.

Since its creation in 1973, Tormek's force lies in overcoming problems by innovation. This has resulted in 13 patents and the widest product range on the market. This includes 16 unique devices and accessories, carefully designed to ensure easy and excellent sharpening on all types of cutting tools.

Torkmek currently exports to over 30 countries across the world. Its products are popular with cabinet makers, carpenters, sculptors and wood turners as well as top restaurant chefs, industrial and domestic kitchens. The Tormek sharpening system is also widely used in grinding companies.

Tormek undertakes to make sharpening more accessible and efficient even for the inexperienced. TORMEK currently offers the most extensive product range on the market as well as sharpening systems for all sorts of cutting tools. An innovative spirit and eagerness to make sharpening accessible to all are today top priority for TORMEK.

TORMEK T8 sharpening system

The trademark's blockbuster is the TORMEK T-8 which guarantees maximum precision, thanks to its revolutionary fully cast metal housing thereby reducing the play of the universal support and ensuring you optimum conditions to meet with your sharpening operations. Tormek's unique drive system is efficient and applies a constant speed, even under full load. The original Tormek grinding wheel sharpens all steels, including high speed steel.



ZOBO is a Swiss company specialised in the production of of drilling systems. ZOBO proposes a wide range of drill bits and accessories, thereby meeting with all the requirements of wood construction professionals.

ZOBO drilling system

The ZOBO 2 and 3 drilling systems as well as all the tools of the trademark can boast the following specifications vouching for high quality products:

Precision to the nearest millimetre.

Straight or bias cuts. Centring points of different lengths guaranteeing accurate drilling to the nearest millimetre. ZOBO ensures you faultless results thanks to splinter-free cuts on both sides of the part. The accurate pre-cutters and main cutting edges ensure a surface quality similar to that obtained by planing.

Longlasting power for greater value for money.

The ZOBO drill bits guarantee long service life and maximum drilling progress thanks to the special chromium steel precision hardened and ground steel.
The tools can be easily reground up to the centre. To do this, simply remove the centring point. When handled correctly, these bits can be sharpened up to 30 times.
The ZOBO chromium and carbide drill bits come in numerous diameters from 10 to 200 mm.

ZOBO drilling system


Foreztool logo

Cutters, cutter heads and drill bits made of steel, carbide or diamond specially designed for industrial manufacture. Created by our design offices, manufactured to drawing and stringent specification, FOREZTOOL® is the guarantee of a high yield quality product.Foreztool cutter head



Um Kogyo Inc in Japan has specialised in the production of hand saws since 1919. Through the years they have forged themselves a worldwide reputation for developing top of the range pruning saws and woodworking saws.

Manufactured in Ono, the prime Japanese knife manufacturing location, using special techniques, sound expertise and high quality raw materials, the Silky saw blades have become a global benchmark to professional users. The Silky saw blades are designed for a wide range of applications. Whether you are an arborist, furniture manufacturer, fruit grower, carpenter or private user, there is always a Silky saw for your specific needs.

SILKY saws

Special features of the Silky saws

Working with a Silky saw is different from working with a standard saw. These are pull stroke saws ensuring less vibrations and a straighter cut. You save a lot of energy enabling you to work longer. The very fine cut destroys up to 50% less wood cells allowing for the tree to heal faster and considerably reducing the risk of harmful fungi. The burn-free cut and sanded finish is highly appreciated in cabinet making and woodworking.

Teeth with no set: the blades are laser cut in a quenched steel specially designed for the manufacture of Silky saw blades, guaranteeing the ideal hardness-flexibility balance. The teeth are formed inside the blade as opposed to externally formed teeth which require a greater effort when cutting.

Impulse-hardening technology: by using a special high frequency heating technique, the teeth are heated and instantly hardened. The localised heating process allows for the blade body to remain flexible and the cutting hardness is multiplied 3 fold.

Ergonomic grips: the vulcanised rubber, inserted elastomer or ABS grips are comfortable to hold. The vibrations are reduced and the grips offer better adherence with wet or cold hands.

«Mirai-Me» : ground, razor-sharp teeth with 4 cutting angles per tooth. The "Mirai-Me" teeth ensure fine cutting of wood. They destroy up to 50% less wood cells allowing for the tree to heal faster and considerably reducing the risk of harmful fungi. The cut has a "glazed" finish and is burn-free.



For over 40 years Shinwa Rules Co. Ltd has not stopped growing and creating new quality products to meet with the requirements of its market. Hence Shinwa has carved itself out the position of Japanese leader in metal measuring instruments.

SHINWA measuring instruments

Shinwa proposes in particular all the special equipment for scribing timber framework. Its manufacturing expertise is acknowledged around the world in the construction section. Its products are well known for their quality and durability even in the most severe of conditions.

The sound design of these tools ensure rapidity, precision and outstanding comfort of use.

SHINWA, measuring tools



Since 1923, ESTWING, based in northern Chicago, has specialised in the manufacture of hand tools (hammers, axes, sledge hammers, etc.) which are sold across the world.

ESTWING hammers

ESTWING offers second-to-none comfort of balance, efficiency as well as aesthetics. Its manufacturing technique is unique and ensures solidity and sustainability. All the Estwing tools are forged in one piece. The nylon grips are moulded on the steel handle of the hammer, the handles with leather washers are riveted and lacquered.

In 2001, Estwing launched its hammers with shock reduction grip which reduces vibration caused by impact. These grips ensure optimum comfort for maximum strength.

ESTWING strives to improve and innovate thanks to its engineers who are dedicated to creating ever high-performance tools.



American OREGON Saw Chain Manufacturing Corporation is the global leader in saw chains.

OREGON saw chain

Known for its innovative sprint, OREGON is dedicated to manufacturing stand-out products.

OREGON now manufactures saw chains as well as guide bars and maintenance accessories.

Its manpower strives to offer the best products and simplest tools ensuring its customers the guarantee of a job well done. This is why the professionals have always trusted their expertise and innovative spirit.

OREGON supports its customers on a daily basis in each and every task of their work. It is proud of helping its customers work efficiently, furthering their expertise, achieving their goals and boosting their success.



The Austrian high flyer in chain saws, PRINZ designs, manufactures and exports (fixed or mobile) chain saw stations, accessories and spare parts for professional use, the world over.

chain saw stations PRINZ

PRINZ also supplies specialised turnkey log processing solutions. The company offers a wide range of machines from low end to complete installations boasting advanced technology. PRINZ is tuned to the requirements of its customers and guarantees them solutions to match their applications.

chain saw stations PRINZ



Heinrich Vollmer built the first setting and filing machines in 1909. His vision: maximum sharpening for cutting tools and saw blades. This vision is still that of VOLLMER close to 100 years later.


Vollmer, based in Germany, proposes an extensive range of machines adapted to all types of sawing. From manual machines for simple work to fully automated solutions with grinding centres in shift work. The trademark now boasts an exceptional range of sophisticated machines and solutions for the modern production of tools.

The Vollmer machines stand out for their high precision, comfort of use and long service life.

Permanent upgrading and development of new technology have always been top priority for VOLLMER. This expertise goes into the machines tested in operation, innovative solutions and practical services designed with you and facilitating your work in mind.



Göckel is a German specialist in the production of high precision industrial machines and grinding steel parts. Over the years, Göckel is the must-have knife grinding machines for grinding, rotary cutting or even wood fuel, etc.

GOCKEL Machine

Göckel, located in Darmstadt, is a renowned company backed by 134 years of experience providing its customers with bespoke, high quality solutions. With its GÖCKEL-SYSTEM technology, this German manufacturer offers you the utmost of precision and innovation for your products.

The guide rails are fully ground along the length to obtain optimum flatness. This technology guarantees the best precision even for large-sized parts.



Based in the Austrian region of the same name, the STUBAI cooperative enjoys renown going back more than 100 years thanks to its expertise in steel working.

Industrie STUBAI

Rounding up 24 companies each highly specialised in the manufacture of a specific range of tools, STUBAI has been a benchmark for 60 years for the excellence and innovation of its woodworking tools.

Constantly evolving and backed by a sound environmental positioning, STUBAI stands out by offering products to different lines of business such as wood, automotive, mechanical engineering and mining.

Today, STUBAI exports to more than 60 countries and is committed to providing professionals with quality materials and a wide choice of tools.