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    All these products are fine tuned by our R&D office and essentially manufactured within the Forézienne MFLS group.
    The FORÉZIENNE trademark is manufactured in compliance with a strict specification guaranteeing a high quality product adapted to the wood environment.
  • FORESTILL® steel

    FORESTILL® steel

    The FORESTILL® steel is specially designed to manufacture band saw blades. It is manufactured to a very detailed specification drawn up in association with the blade manufacturer.
    Controls at every stage of the production: heat, hot and cold rolling, quenching and tempering, along with an in-depth final inspection give rise to the highest level of quality.

    Adapted to the manufacture of all types of wood cutting saw blades, its ductility, toughness and hardness allow for tooth swaging or setting.
    Its high wear resistance ensures extensive cutting strength. High fatigue strength provides sufficient elasticity to prevent cracks at the tooth bottom.
    Its stringent surface finish, flatness and straightness guarantee easy and sustainable maintenance.

  • TCT FORESTILL® bandsaws

    TCT FORESTILL® bandsaws

    This popular product stems from our R&D department and many hours of sawing on pilot sites.
    Its cutting strength is 5 to 10 times superior to conventional blades and its high fatigue strength makes it the must-have product for industrial sawing units.
    Its optimum specifications ensure increased sawing quality, versatility in all wood species and substantial noise reduction.
    The emphasis is on productivity, quality and operator comfort. An all-round maintenance service is proposed to guarantee optimum use throughout the tool life cycle.
  • Our FOREZTOOL® range

    Our FOREZTOOL® range

    Cutters, cutter heads and drill bits made of steel, carbide or diamond specially designed for industrial manufacture.
    Created by our design offices, manufactured to drawing and stringent specification, FOREZTOOL® is the guarantee of a high yield quality product.
  • HYPER-CUT® bandsaws

    HYPER-CUT® bandsaws

    Forézienne MFLS strives to innovate enabling you to work in optimum conditions.

    Advanced technology tools: HYPER-CUT band saw blades (from 20 to 80 mm wide) offer second-to-none cutting quality.
    Available in carbide or stellite, they are designed for industries where enhancement of the material takes centre stage (stave mills, parquet flooring, etc. ).

    Manufactured on an ultra modern, high precision production line, the extremely thin cutting thickness of the HYPER-CUT blades allows for material savings of up to 30%.
    Their cutting strength is approximately 10 times superior to conventional blades guaranteeing production with minimum down time.
    The shape of the tool gives rise to greater efficiency of the work and a lower cutting force.