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Crick levels

Crick levels

CRICK is a level in hardwood laminated timber with a high mechanical resistance (bending, compression and twisting) and thermal resistance (no technical loss up to 100°C). 0.015° precision glass bubbles. Stainless steel ring.

Length Code
60cm - 24" MESU24010
122cm - 48" MESU48010

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Leather cases for Crick level

Leather cases for Crick level

Leather case for the protection of your Crick level.

Length Code
60cm - 24" MESU10124
122cm - 48" MESU10148
198cm - 78" MESU10178

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Shockproof magnetic level gauge

Shockproof magnetic level gaugeShockproof magnetic level gauge

Blue liquid and luminous resin for better visibility.
Very high precision of -/+ 1.0mm/m and easy to read.
With 45° vial.
Magnetic level, practical for steel working.

Length Code
600 MESU76407
900 MESU76409
1800 MESU76412