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Angle template tool

Angle template tool

Angle template tool

The angle template tool is fully suited to transfer polygonal shape contours to parts. Working with an angle template tool is much easier than using a measuring tape or ruler giving rise to greater precision than paper templates. Several aluminium sliders can be connected to obtain various straight lines. The slidiers can be placed on top of one another to perform intermediate dimensions as required.

Allows polygonal contours to be transferred to various parts
Easy to measure compared to a measuring tape or ruler
More accurate than a paper template
Almost any shape can be reproduced thanks to the different aluminium sliders


Stair measuring tool

Stair measuring tool

The stair measuring tool measures all shapes of steps. It is particularly suitable for making templates. All the gauges - 60, 80 or 100 cm - are connected to a central point to pivot.

To easily measure the shape of steps
Made of hardened steel

Length Code
60 - 80 - 100 MESUT500

Stair drawing template

Stair drawing template

Ideal for drawing stringers on turning stairsThe clamping bolts allow the templates to be connected to each other in a practical and efficient way. The height and width of the steps can be adjusted individually on each template.
Templates with millimetre graduation on both sides. The locks and templates are made of high quality stainless steel.

Made of stainless steel
Ideal for drawing stringers on turning stairs
Templates firmly fixed together with clamping bolts
Height and width of steps can be adjusted at will

Length Code

Profile gauge

Profile gauge

These models have perfectly sliding, effortless hardened steel pins in a graduated support. Very handy to take a moulding profile or make a cut.

Length Code
150mm MESU77970
200mm MESU77984
300mm MESU77971

Protractor type circular saw guide

Protractor type circular saw guideProtractor type circular saw guideProtractor type circular saw guide

Metal screw
Flat folding
Easy to handle

Length Code
300 MESU73160
600 MESU73162
1000 MESU73163