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Tool roll bag (comes empty)

Tool roll bag (comes empty)Tool roll bag (comes empty)

Set of knives used for precision cutting

Capacity : 14 pieces STUB511514
Capacity : 20 pieces STUB511520

Storage bag for turning tools

Storage bag for turning tools

Make up your own kit!
This roll bag is the ideal carrier for your turning tools.
(supplied empty)

Capacity : 10 pieces STUB5000R1
Capacity : 8 pieces STUB5000R2

Marking gauge

Marking gauge

Wooden marking gauge with graduation (150 mm) and adjusting screws.

L Weight Code
220 mm 160 gr STUB345501

Panel carrier

Panel carrierPanel carrierPanel carrier

For wooden panels or chipboard, steel, plastic sheets and other plaster boards.

Opening Weight Code
5 - 27 1 000 STUB441602

Manual carrier

Manual carrierManual carrier

Panel holder, bimaterial, can be used on the right or left.

Opening Weight Code
0.5 - 4 1 000 STUB441604