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Machines rebuilding

We offer a complete range of modernized machines for the manufacturing and maintenance of wood cutting tools. We have over 300 well-known brands of machines (sharpening machines, benching tables, setting machines, crushers, grinders, tensioners, etc.). The modernizing process and equipment are adapted according to the use of the machine.

Main brands: Vollmer - Alligator - Iseli - Loroch - Armstrong
Machines rebuilding

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Vollmer Range, machines, welding machines, Göckel knife sharpener, pipe cutting machines, accessories and spare parts.
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Over 300 modernized machines available in stock and ready for shipping very quickly

We have sharpening machines, benching tables, setting machines, crushers, grinders, tensioners, etc.
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Rebuilding process

  • The machines are completely disassembled
  • All parts that need to be changed are changed
  • Complete repainting
  • Equipement required for specific applications can be integrated
  • Adaptation to EU electrical standards is strictly followed
  • Real-life performance tests are run

Rebuilding your machines

We can also rebuild your machines. Our experience in rebuilding machines helps us establish a pricing range, and the accurate pricing is determined once the machine is dismantled completely. This work is covered by manufacturer warranty. A machine can be loaned to you while yours is being rebuilt.
Our experience in machine rebuiling and maintenance on our production sites is remarkable. Therefore, we offer:
  • an important stock of spare parts for a large number of sharpening machines of all brands
  • highly-acclaimed technical expertise based on our outstanding knowledge of the machines in our industry
  • a team of technicians who can operate on your site for the retrofit of your sharpening machines
  • machine loan or rental during equipment downtime
  • the logistics to meet your every expectation in no time.
Do not hesitate and get in touch with our receptive team. We will do everything to meet your needs.

Adaptability and implementation

We offer two services:
  • Option 1: Reception and training on our premises before shipping
  • Option 2: Set up and training in your workshop
6-month guarantee : We apply the same guarantee as with new material