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Solid carbide bits for drills

Solid Carbide Dower Drill HWM

Solid Carbide Dower Drill HWMSolid Carbide Dower Drill HWMSolid Carbide Dower Drill HWM

Ideal for use with chipboard, MDF, HDF and laminates. Best for boring holes in low thickness panels – no center-point or spurs. For use with arbors and boring adaptors.

- Premium quality super strength steel for improved resistance and durability.
- Premium quality HWM spiral portion.
- 2 cutting edges [Z2] + 2 negatively ground spurs [V2]
- 2 spiral flutes
- Parallel shank with driving flat and adjustable screw length
- Recommended feed speed 1÷ 4m/minute –RPM 6000

D l L S Rotation Code
5 30 70 10x30 DROITE CMT31105071
8 30 70 10x30 DROITE CMT31108071
5 30 70 10x30 GAUCHE CMT31105072
8 30 70 10x30 GAUCHE CMT31108072