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Digital moisture meter

Pack of 3 measuring tools

Pack of 3 measuring toolsPack of 3 measuring toolsPack of 3 measuring toolsPack of 3 measuring tools

The pack contains 3 items: - digital angle finger: has a very detailed LCD screen, pivoting measuring arm with measuring range from 0° to 360°. Includes a lock function to prevent the last measurement being lost, a low battery indicator and automatic shut off function. Robust but light in weight and easy to use for beginners and experts alike. Battery included. - digital height gauge: precise measurements for router bits, saw blades, band saw blades, cutter heads, spiral cutters and hole depth. - digital angle gauge: waterproof with a measuring range of ±180°, resolution 0.1° automatic shut off function, pocket size with practical LCD screen and can be positioned on all ferrous surfaces thanks to its magnetic system. Ideal for precision measuring of all on tools, workbenches, mitre saws and many other woodworking applications. Battery included.