Universal dovetail jig

Universal dovetail jig

Dovetail joints give a touch of craftsmanship to your work, but many woodworkers avoid these joints, because of their apparent complexity. CMT's new 305mm (12") dovetail jig is the fast easy solution! Thanks to precise templates, permanent stops and easy adjustments, we have taken the "tinkering" out of the dovetail joinery. Simply clamp your workpiece in with the edges against the factory-set stops, set your bit depth and then you are ready to rout. Also, we haven't cut corners on quality either. This jig features steel body, templates, stops and clamping bars, so it produces perfect long-lasting joints for all your woodworking needs. The machine accepts stock from 11mm (7/16") to 25mm (1") thick, and is capable of producing a variety of joints with the available templates. Standard jig includes a template for 12,7mm (1/2") half blind joints and a template guide. Optional templates are available for through dovetail and box joints.
305mm (12") max length.
11mm (7/16") ~ 25mm (1") joint thickness.
- Standard Ø12,7mm (1/2") silver blind template : CMT300-T128
- Ø15,8mmx4mm (5/8" x 5/32") template guide : 899.005.00
Some routers requires a universal base plate to fit the provided template guide. Please check the following optional accessories :
CMT300-SB1 (S=Ø8, Ø12mm).
CMT300-SB2 (S=Ø6,35, Ø12,7mm).
CMT300-SB (prebored router plate for CMT7E and CMT8E).

L Code
305 CMT300

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