Universal boring template

Universal boring templateUniversal boring templateUniversal boring template

Boring hinges.
Drilling dowels.
Drilling shelf supports.
The universal boring jig is designed for precision manual dowelling to drawing for increased productivity, furniture elements with 32 mm Euro screws to make holes for shelf supports of a 3 mm and 5 mm diameter and to make and mark holes for hinges. The CMT900 jig is designed to make pre-holes for the most common hinges.
- Laminated Pertinax boring jig.
- Set of end stops.
- Set of end stops for big-sized elements.
- Centring pin for hinge holes.


Maximum width of board with fixing: 900mm.
No limit.
Thickness of board : No limit.
For dowels up to: Ø8mm.
Hole spacing: 32mm.
Number of holes: 26.
For shelf supports: Ø3mm, Ø5mm
For hinges: Ø3mm for wooden screws.

Ø3mm for Euro screws.

Universal drill guide CMT900
Boring adaptor for CMT656, CMT900 CMT400-1
Boring adaptor for CMT656, CMT900 CMT400-2
Spare clamp (optional) CMT400-3

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