Mono-function cutter head series: TAO cutter head

Mono-function cutter head series: TAO cutter head

These cutter heads, made out of very high strength light alloy meet with the requirements of professionals and amateurs alike. With its 240 profiles and the possibility of performing a special profile very quickly, the TAO offers the most extensive range. This range of profiles ensures basic woodworking and cabinet making techniques as well as high level operations such as windows, thanks to the design of the knives providing easy access to centring operations. This includes the traditional cabinet making stylised mouldings. In order to guarantee maximum precision, the knives are held on the cutter heads by two pins calibrated to the standard European centre distance of 30 mm.


- This cutter head is a blend of the moulding and calibrating cutter head. The calibrating TAO can be used in moulding function without having to take down its calibrating function.
- This cutter head is essentially a moulding function with the blades of the 531series.
- This counter blade cutter head is designed to perform all moulding and calibrating operations. Fitted with counter blades of the 551 series, it is designed to obtain high limitation of the risk of reject of the wood and meets with the requirements of the future European standards.
- Work at shaft end
- Contouring
- Moulding

D d Code
90 30 Moulding ZAK210310
120 50 Moulding ZAK210510
90 30 Moulding + Calibrating ZAK210311
120 50 Moulding + Calibrating ZAK210511
100 30 Moulding + Calibrating option ZAK210315

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